Nature's Grace Holistic Healing Center at Gurgaon provides Reiki, Su- Jok, Animal Healing, Switchwords & Naturopathy services to create awarness for Simple Health Solutions. Treatments of all physical, emotional & mental ailments are done thru Reiki, Su-Jok (Advance Accupressure) and Naturopathy Diet Plans. Certificate Courses for Kids Reiki Programs, Reiki, Su-Jok and Switchwords along with Customised Diet Plans, Retreats, Positivity & Meditation Workshops.

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Reiki is a Japanese Healing therapy where we channelise the universal Positive Energy to heal ourself & our situations for positive outcome.


Su-Jok is Korean Accupressure therapy where all the organs of the body can be healed through the Energy points on our hands & feet.

Animal Healing

Reiki's Positive Energy help in healing all animals & birds on phisical and emotional & behavioural level. Healing helps them attain good health and happiness.


Naturopathy treatments helps in curing ailments with right food and diet. Food, water, air, Mud therapies in Naturopathy help in curing acute & chronic ailments.


Switchwords are called single word affirmations. These powerful words speak directly to your subconscious mind and alter your energy from one dimesion to another.


We conduct corporate workshops & Retreats on Positivity & Self help tools & healings. We conduct Certificate courses in Reiki & Su-Jok for all levels.

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