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About Dr. Neelam Parwani

Dr. Neelam Parwani is a Reiki Grandmaster, Certified Su - Jok ( Adv Accupressure) therapist, Switchword Expert, Animal Healer & Positivity Coach. She has done her doctorate in Naturopathy. She has been practicing alternate healing for all kinds of physical, mental and emotional aliments. She does treatments of chronic and acute diseases thru Holistic healing, Reiki , Su-Jok & Naturopathy.

Dr. Neelam also does holistic workshops on life skills, leadership and positivity. Dr. Neelam is the Founder of Nature's Grace Educational Trust Gurgaon.


Dr. Neelam Parwani

The Journey

A Bikers , a Healer , Animal Lover who loves to live life with full of adventure...that is Dr. Neelam Parwani.
An Hotel Management Graduate from Institute of Hotel Management Mumbai and an MBA in Marketing with 15 yrs of Corporate Experience in Hospitality , BPO & Education Industry. Now in the Healing world from last 7 years she has enjoyed every field of profession.

She is a dog lover and Animal Healer. She loves to give healings to all animals & birds and feed stary dogs as part of her daily Routine.

On the Professional front -

  • Nature's Grace motto is to give "Simple Health Solutions" without any medicines & side effects.
  • Reiki is a Japanese Healing therapy where we channelise the universal Positive Energy to heal ourself & our situations for positive outcome.
  • Su-Jok is Korean Accupressure therapy where we heal ourself thru the Energy points on our hands & feet.
  • We conduct Certificate courses for all levels in Reiki, Su-Jok, Switchwords , Naturopathy Diet Plans ..
  • Kids Reiki Programs - We Specialise in Kids Reiki Program from the age of 5 and Above . Kids learn Reiki to heal themselves, their pets and parents. It helps in Building immunity , focus , sleep and enhancing their creativity & remove & fear or phobias.
  • Workshops & Retreats - We conduct corporate workshops & Retreats on Positivity & Self help tools & healings.
  • Treatments and Counselling - For all acute and chronic ailments and personel and professional issues.

We also have Facebook Group - Nature's Grace Miracles of Holistic Healing - to promote Holistic Health & Nutrition.